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Welcome to the FEMchess blog! We will be posting on here frequently with updates on what we are working on, when classes will start, student progress in class, what we do in class, event notifications and flyers, updates when new sessions will start, zoom links for public informational sessions, the benefits of chess, and star students who have significantly improved or won a tournament! Stay tuned!


62 girls participated in the second FEMchess All-Girls Scholastic Championship on1/20/24, with GM Christopher Yoo playing a 16-board simul against the top players! Learn more about the event and FEMchess's other programs and initiatives in this article written by our very own President and Co-founder WCM Allyson Wong!

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Our 2024 FEMchess All Girls Scholastic Championship held on 1/20/24 was an overwhelming success with 62 participants playing in the UNRATED, USCF <400, USCF 400-799, and USCF 800+ sections. Special Thanks to WGM Jennifer Shahade for recording a warm welcome video in a Philadelphia blizzard and shout-out to GM Christopher Yoo for encouraging participants with signed copies of his personal chess books and playing a simul against the top winners of each section. Of course this tournament wouldn't be possible without our amazing TD team: FIDE International Arbiter Abel Talamantez, Founder of ChessPals Henry Lien, WCM Allyson Wong, WCM Kally Wen< Kavya Meiyappan, Kaelyn Dsovich, and Kavya Sasikumar. Hope you enjoy this video of the event, and see you at FEMchess's next tournament!!

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Check out our very own FEMchess co-founder/president Allyson Wong, featured as a guest columnist for the MY BEST MOVE section of the December 2023 issue of Chess Life magazine. She shared how she started playing chess in kindergarten and her journey of starting FEMchess with her chess teammates to inspire more young girls to learn and compete in chess.

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