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FEMchess Session #1 Begins!

Hello Everyone! FEMclasses have begun this week and are going great! Here's some important information that you need to know for this session:

Some Important Information:

Office Hours:

  • For students who missed their class for that week OR have questions

  • Level 1: Saturday from 4-4:30 PM PST

  • Level 2: Saturday from 4:30-5 PM PST

  • Level 4: directly contact the coach for rescheduling or questions

  • Book on website weekly at least 6 hours before

Switching Classes (if you are absent):

  • Only for Level 1 students

  • Email ahead of time to do this

  • Can make up a class by attending a separate class during that same week

  • Must switch to a class that occurs in the same week of the absence

  • One-time switch, just for the absence

  • Example: Student A is missing her Friday class from 7-8 PM (January 8, 2021). She can switch her class to a class on Monday of the same week (January 4, 2021). To do this, parents must email us beforehand.

Note: Coaches will also go over this information with students in their class.

Please also watch the videos linked below with your child for more information:

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