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Term 1 Closed! Report Cards Will Be Sent Out Next Week! Final Announcements For Term 1!

Hello Everyone! Thank you to everyone who supported FEMchess during our first term. Our coaches loved working with your bright children and we enjoyed working with all of the supportive parents. We just have a few more announcements for term 1 and the beginning of term 2. Classes for term 1 have officially ended and your students will be removed from their classrooms by tonight. To those who have registered for term 2, we will add your daughter to their new classroom shortly before term 2 begins. In your classrooms, your coaches have sent out a mandatory feedback form for you and your students to complete. Please complete this form by tonight, or save the link somewhere as we will be closing rooms shortly! By the end of next week, your daughter will be receiving their official report card and certificate. Whether your daughter passed or not, please make sure to register for term 2 so your daughter can continue improving her chess skills and eventually become a valuable and well-known chess player. All instructions are available on our official registration page. You will receive information about term 2 class bookings shortly after! We will be using your feedback to help us improve during term 2 and we will also have a lot more opportunities coming soon, such as tournaments, challenges, gold ChessKid accounts, and other fun events! In order to fund these events, please visit our donate page and kindly donate to FEMchess so we can provide young girls with many opportunities! FEMchess would not be possible without parent donations and we appreciate the donations we have received so far! If you enjoyed your experience with FEMchess, please share the attached flyer to your friends and family so we can continue to impact many young girls! Thank you!

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