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Esther Bhosale

Head of Social Media and Outreach, Executive Board Member

Hello! I’m Esther Bhosale, a senior at Dublin High School and I promote FEMchess! I manage both Facebook and Instagram platforms and make sure information is frequently updated. That way both parents and students can access whichever platform is more comfortable while being up to date on what’s been going at FEMchess. Both platforms will have all the answers to your questions and if there’s still anything confusing or misleading, our contact information is always stated there so please do not hesitate to ask questions or to clarify anything. However, what I do on social media is only half the journey! The other half is for students to spread the word as well so if you’re enjoying your experience at FEMchess, make sure to mention us to your friends who’d be interested!

Feel Free To Email Me!

Esther Bhosale
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