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Kavya Sasikumar

Founder, Co-President, Board Director

Hello! My name is Kavya Sasikumar and I am a founder, board director, and the co-vice president of FEMchess. I am a senior at Dublin High School. I have been playing chess for 10 years and I have always found the gender inequality in chess to be discouraging and unreasonable. For me, chess has always been a great outlet and something I really enjoyed doing, and it always confused why there were so few females playing compared to males. I feel like this gender gap perpetuates the gender gap in other fields such as in the STEM field. To change this, I started FEMchess as a means to decrease this gender gap and introduce this sport to young, impressionable females as a way to give back to society.

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Kavya Sasikumar
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