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Our Purpose

We aim to close the gender gap in chess by teaching young women how to play the game in an empowering and competitive environment. We intend to eliminate gender inequality within the chess community by training young women. 

Welcome To FEMchess!

Welcome to FEMchess! This video explains  details about the FEMchess registration process! Registration for term 4 is officially open! Head over to our official registration page to register! We are excited to work with your daughter!

Announcements From FEMchess

Term 4 Registration Is Open!

Term 3 registration has opened! Head over to our official registration page to register today! Priority registration closes on September 3rd 2022 by 11:59 PM. Late registrations will be accepted until September 7th 2022 by 11:59 PM! We are excited to work with your daughter.

Term 4 Begins September 11th!

Term 2 classes will begin on September 11th and will run for ten weeks! Join our mailing list for frequent updates and other amazing opportunities (tournament discounts, guest speaker events, registration details, special programs, etc.)! We are super excited to continue educating more young women in chess!

Donate To FEMchess!

FEMchess runs entirely on parent donations and sponsors. If you enjoy our classes or support our cause, head over to our "Donate" page and read about why you should donate to FEMchess. We appreciate your support!