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Image by Shirly Niv Marton

62 girls participated in our second FEMchess All-Girls Scholastic Championship on 1/20/24, with GM Christopher Yoo playing a16-board simul against the top players! Learn more about the event and FEMchess's other programs and initiatives in this US Chess article!

Our Purpose

We aim to close the gender gap in chess by teaching young women how to play the game in an empowering and competitive environment. We intend to eliminate gender inequality within the chess community by training young women. 

Welcome To FEMchess!

Welcome to FEMchess! This video explains  details about the FEMchess registration process! Registration for 2023 term 3 is open!  We are excited to work with your daughter!

Announcements From FEMchess

Term 3 Begins In September!

2023 term 3 registrations are open! They close September 20th at 11:59pm. We are so excited to work with your daughter! Click below for registration details. 

Donate To FEMchess!

FEMchess runs entirely on parent donations and sponsors. If you enjoy our classes or support our cause, head over to our "Donate" page and read about why you should donate to FEMchess. We appreciate your support!


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