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Overwhelming success at 2024 FEMchess All Girls Championship

Our 2024 FEMchess All Girls Scholastic Championship held on 1/20/24 was an overwhelming success with 62 participants playing in the UNRATED, USCF <400, USCF 400-799, and USCF 800+ sections. Special Thanks to WGM Jennifer Shahade for recording a warm welcome video in a Philadelphia blizzard and shout-out to GM Christopher Yoo for encouraging participants with signed copies of his personal chess books and playing a simul against the top winners of each section. Of course this tournament wouldn't be possible without our amazing TD team: FIDE International Arbiter Abel Talamantez, Founder of ChessPals Henry Lien, WCM Allyson Wong, WCM Kally Wen< Kavya Meiyappan, Kaelyn Dsovich, and Kavya Sasikumar. Hope you enjoy this video of the event, and see you at FEMchess's next tournament!!

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